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Sensory Evaluation Master Class with Pierpaolo Arca (Sardinia) and Marzia Migliorini (Florence)

: Date: Fri. July 27, 2012 to Sat. July 28, 2012
Time: 8:00 AM to 6:15 PM
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UC Davis Olive Center
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Hyatt Place UC Davis
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Presented By

Pacific Sun Olive Oil, UC Davis Olive Center and the California Olive Oil Council

Sensory Evaluation Master Class

Pierpaolo Arca and Marzia Migliorini, production experts responsible for the selection of extra virgin olive oils from their respective regions of Italy -- Tuscany and Sardinia -- come to California to share their knowledge of olive oil making and olive oil tasting. Dr. Migliorini and Dr. Arca will present in Italian, with translation provided by Darrell Corti.

As colleagues of the late olive oil expert Marco Mugelli, their approach to tasting is always part of a bigger picture. This includes understanding the different phases involved in the production of high quality olive oils: biology of the olive and its ripening process, harvest, handling of the fruit, milling techniques (and new extraction technologies), filtration and storage. Their expertise provides not only a sense of what the taster experiences, but also why it is so, making the class especially useful for producers and panel members.

Both have a wealth of experience as olive oil tasters and are judges of different olive oil competitions such as Montiferru (the only competition that judges twice: first when the olive oils are released in February and then in September to evaluate product stability as part of quality assurance), the Florence Chamber of Commerce Selection and Los Angeles International Olive Oil Competition (LA County Fair).

Their teachings are based on a collective experience of both regions (Tuscany, particularly around the Chianti area and Sardinia, particularly the Oristano region) in terms of producing olive oils of excellence, panel tasting and research for over 20 years.

This intensive class was originally designed to be taught over a three-day period, but circumstances obliged us to organize it to fit into two days. Since we did not want to sacrifice any of the subjects, each session (July 27 – 28, Friday and Saturday) will be a bit longer and more concentrated than average seminars.

This course is intended to acquaint producers with the means to avoid common problems inherent to production: refresh notions of fruit handling and the effects of careful processing, and to define the parameters of production and how to avoid problems of oil instability. If you produce olive oil in California, or intend to, and/or you are a member of a tasting panel, this is certainly a great opportunity to expand your knowledge.

Distinguished Presenters

Dr. Marzia Migliorini Panel Leader, Ph.D. in Chemistry, Director of the Research Department of the Chemical Laboratory of the Chamber of Commerce, Florence, Italy

Dr. Pierpaolo Arca Panel Head Montiferru Olive Oil Competition, Sardinia, Italy, Ph.D. in Food Technology, Olive Oil Consultant

Darrell Corti,Translator

Master Class Schedule
Friday, July 27th
8:00am Coffee and pastries
8:30am Introduction (Dan Flynn and Brendon Flynn)
8:45am Introduction to sensory evaluation of EVOO and tasting techniques
Basics of the physiology of the senses: stimuli and perception
Olfactory, gustatory and chemical-tactile sensitivity
9:15am Guided tasting of quality EVOO
9:40am Chemical composition of EVOO
10:20am Guided tasting of quality EVOO
10:45am Break
11:15am Organoleptic characteristics of EVOO
11:55am Arrangement test
Study of the IOC tasting sheet
12:30pm Lunch
1:15pm Positive attributes: fruitiness, bitterness, pungency
Defects: definition and acknowledgment of standard defects
Olive oil tasting with IOC tasting sheet
2:15pm Study of defects in relation to agricultural practices in the olive grove
(farming, disease prevention, irrigation, determination of fruit ripeness,
harvest, etc.)
Olive Oil Tasting
3:35pm Break
4:05pm Study of defects related to handling and milling
Olive oil tasting - Italian olive oils
5:05pm Biological processes linked to defects
Olive oil tasting- Spanish olive oils
6:15pm Adjourn
Saturday, July 28th
8:00am Coffee and pastries
8:30am The olive and its ripening process
Olive oil tasting - Olive oils from the Mediterranean Basin
10:00am Break
10:30am Extraction technology and its influence on quality
Olive Oil tasting - Californian olive oil
11:50am Extraction technology and its influence on quality
Olive oil tasting - Mass market olive oils
1:00pm Lunch
1:40pm Innovation in extraction technologies
Olive oil tasting
2:50pm Product stability: filtration, shelf life
Olive oil tasting
3:50pm Break
4:20pm Stability and bottling
5:00pm Final arrangement test for rancid and fusty samples
6:00pm Q & A
6:15pm Adjourn



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