What We Love

What We Love and Why We Love It

California Olive Oil Council
We are proud to be certified by the COOC and carry their seal on our bottles. 

The New Clairvaux Vineyard
The Abbey of New Clairvaux is a community of Cistercian or "Trappist" monks that was founded in 1955.  Brendon’s grandfather, Bernard Flynn, began our relationship with this group of devoted men when he sold them the property which is home to the monastery today.

Antelope Creek Vinegars
YUM!  The perfect complement to Pacific Sun Olive Oil.

California Kitchen & Company
Every kitchen gadget under the sun!

Julia’s Fruit Stand
When in season, we just can’t get enough fresh peaches, nectarines & tomatoes!  Highway 99E, Dairyville, CA

Bianchi Orchards
We think a handful of walnuts is the perfect snack! 

Rosser’s Bakery
When you need a baguette to go with our olive oil, and maybe a cookie while you are there?  Antelope Blvd, Red Bluff, CA. 

Bella Soap
Uses Pacific Sun Olive Oil to produce a soap for folks with dry skin & eczema – great for infants too! 

Hearst Ranch
We lost Brian Kenny to the city a few years ago, but he has landed well and found a bit of country.  Hearst Ranch grows grass-fed cattle to create beef products that are sustainable and with a remarkable flavor which is the authentic taste of the American West. 

Enjoy Magazine
Northern California’s premier lifestyle magazine, Enjoy Magazine is published by the creative team at InHouse Marketing Group.  We appreciate their artistic style and love their discoveries of the best of our area. 

Diggin’ Livin’ Farm & Apiary
They use our olive oil in producing their soap and are committed to making a difference in saving Orangutan habitats. 

Fast Wheels Bike Shop
When Leslie needs to get out and burn off the calories from eating (slurping?) so much olive oil, she needs her bike to be in top shape, and the guys there take good care of her. 

The Fly Shop
When Brendon can find the time, he enjoys getting out on the local rivers and streams to enjoy some fly fishing.  The Fly Shop carries all things necessary for the fishing enthusiast and has a great, friendly staff.  

Pairings Wine and Cheese
Everybody loves Artisan Wines and Cheeses, expertly matched.

The Passionate Olive
Pacific Sun Olive oil is passionate about The Passionate Olive, 101 Things to do with Olive Oil; written by Carol Firenze. Who knew olive oil could be used in so many different ways!

The Land of Wine and Honeys
Pacific Sun Olive oil is excited to follow Amber Galusha's latest blog, The Land of Wine and Honeys.Amber provides local food lists, walks readers through cheese and butter making, demonstrates food preservation, explores wine pairing, recommends restaurants, and highlights sustainable, organic farming. She will share stories from her dinner club, Wine and Honeys.

Tehama Trail
Situated in the fertile northern Sacramento Valley, Tehama County is host to a rich and diverse ecosystem, which yields some of the finest produce in the world: specialty meats, wine grapes, colorful tomatoes, juicy fruit, succulent olives, crunchy almonds and meaty walnuts, to name a few. Farmers throughout the region (including Pacific Sun) established the Tehama Trail partnership to bring awareness to the abundance of good food right here in our community.